Introductory Lessons


We strive to provide the most well rounded activities that we can, and we understand that getting into a new sport can be an intimidating step, which is why we offer BASIC and INTRODUCTORY classes in a variety of our programs! We want you to feel comfortable when you learn the skills necessary to love and enjoy the outdoors.  Learning the right skills, the right way, the first time can have a huge impact on how you learn and ENJOY the activity going forward.  We are committed to the outdoors and helping people be safe and savvy in them!


Kayak Skills Class
Mountaineering Basic Course
Intro to Mountain Biking
Intro to Backcountry Skiing
Photography 101
Intro to Rock Climbing

How to prepare:

WE PROVIDE: Transportation, any technical equipment, and instructor/guide.
YOU PROVIDE: Water, lunch/snacks, and other appropriate clothing.
EXTRAS ITEMS: Camera, sunscreen/sunglasses.
CLOTHING: Dress for the activity. NO COTTON CLOTHING. COTTON IS A NEGATIVE INSULATOR, WHEN IT GETS WET IT GETS COLD AND STAYS COLD. We recommend fleece, polypro, polyester, and wool.

Go to RecTrac to see prices, get more information, and sign up for trips! See you outside!!

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